September 2013 -> What’s new in ADME WorkBench!

Webinar: “What’s new inADME WorkBench!”

The ADME WorkBench Development Team has had a very busy summer adding new features to the ADME WorkBench platform, and we are pleased to invite you to attend a Webinar so that we can share some of this recent work with you.

Topics discussed in this webinar will include:

New Features in the Latest ADME WorkBench Release 
– Additions to the ACAT oral absorption model
– Influx/efflux transporters
– Gut (pre-systemic) metabolism
– Enhancements to the renal elimination model
– Support for user-defined PBPK model parameters

Enhancements to ADME WorkBench we are currently implementing 
– Support for modeling PK of metabolites (parallel PBPK models)
– Inclusion of variability and age-dependency effects for basic physiological parameters
– Advanced inhalation model; prediction of region-specific PK along respiratory tract

A Demonstration of the New and Future Capabilities 

We’ll present some of the new capabilities and upcoming enhancements using several drugs and toxicological examples.


You can view the materials here:

You may have to right click the Model file and “Save-As” depending on your Browser.

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