May 2013 -> Webinar: An introduction to ADME WorkBench

Webinar: “Best practices in Human Pharmacokinetic Prediction: Which Method Should I Use?” – An introduction to ADME WorkBench

The PhRMA CPCDC Initiative on Predictive Models of Human Pharmacokinetics recently published a series of papers in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences assessing the predictability of human PK from preclinical data, and comparing various prediction methods. As part of that research effort, a dataset of over 100 compounds was assembled and a variety of empirical and mechanistic modeling approaches were evaluated on their ability to predict human PK properties and clinical data. This webinar will discuss how the techniques identified in the PhRMA CPCDC Initiative have been incorporated into ADME WorkBench, a new platform for predictive pharmacokinetics developed by AEgis Technologies.

Topics discussed in this webinar will include:

  • Overview of the general classes of prediction techniques, including whole-body and lumped physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models, and allometry based on the Wajima approach
  • Methods for predicting human clearance and steady-state volume of distribution from preclinical data
  • In vitro – in vivo extrapolation for the prediction of hepatic clearance
  • Methods for predicting tissue distribution at the macro level (whole organ) and micro level (cell, interstitial fluid) for bound or unbound drug
  • Oral absorption models, including the Advanced Compartmental Absorption and Transit (ACAT) model
  • How and when to apply the above methods, based on available data and predictive requirements

You can view the materials here:


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